About Retreats

The Vedanta retreats in Malaysia are designed to simulate the schedule and teaching methods at the Vedanta Academy. For those who are unable to visit the Academy, the local retreat is an ideal opportunity to experience life in a modern ashram. The time at the retreat is utilised to partake in a program of reflection and discipline. Put aside one's routine activities of cell phones and deadlines to reflect on life. Yoga/exercise, bhajans, group discussion/ individual study sessions directed toward the development of the entire personality.


  • Half Day Retreats: Beginners yoga and lecture followed by Q & A session.
  • Weekend Retreats: Two nights stay at a local resort. The daily schedule will include individual study, yoga, sport, lectures, poetry sessions, Q & A sessions and group discussions.



Introductory talks are available for companies, educational institutions, rotary clubs, residential associations etc.

Depending on the chosen topic, these talks are meant to familiarize member audience with the basic concepts of Vedanta. It will begin with a one hour talk followed by 30 min Q & A. Publications will be available for review.

Example Topics:

  • Dealing with Stress
  • Dynamic Action Peaceful Living
  • Creating and Maintaining Positive Relationships
  • Choose to be Happy
  • How to Make Right Choices
  • How to Keep a Positive Outlook on Life

Upcoming Retreats & Talks

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