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Employers and employees in the corporate/business sector today are plagued by stress and strain which affects work. The timeless principles of Vedanta combines peace of mind and productivity. It is founded on the concept of self-management.

It is not work that tires you but your worry and anxiety. The law of life is that your body should be engaged in action while your mind is at rest.

Swami Parthasarathy's exposition of Vedanta in business has aided various multinational organizations in improving the quality of work which has received critical acclaim. A unique insight of time-management, work-life balance, initiative vs incentives etc have given the business world an opportunity to enjoy work while being dynamic simultaneously.

Vedanta Centre Kuala Lumpur offers corporate sessions to companies, organizations and businesses. These workshops focus on increasing productivity, reducing stress, enhancing leadership and improving the working environment amongst colleagues. The theme of the sessions can be customised to cater to the requirements of the company and employees.

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