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Study classes on Vedanta enables students to examine their individual personality, the world and the relationships between the two. Study classes focus on self-development. A guide to eliminate negative tendencies and enhance positive qualities. A manual that helps human beings to deal with the challenges of the world.
The weekly classes are a unique opportunity for the Malaysian public to become acquainted with this ancient philosophy of life and living.
An environment that promotes questioning. A touch of humour and cheerfulness that compliments the class's traditional yet comfortable setting. People from all walks of life are welcome. Youth are especially encouraged to attend.

"In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of Vedanta." - Arthur Schopenhauer

What to expect from a class:

  • A systematic approach in studying the facts of life.
  • Begins with an analysis of fundamental concepts governing human beings and extends to the highest spiritual truths.
  • A liberal use of question and answer sessions that benefits both student and teacher.

  • The weekly study classes compliments the 3 year course conducted at the Vedanta Academy. A progressive dissemination of the text in the following order.
    • The Fall of the Human Intellect
    • The Holocaust of Attachment
    • Governing Business & Relationships
    • Vedanta Treatise - The Eternities


  • An avenue to develop independent thinking.
  • Teaches one to be open to the ideas and thought of others.
  • A study of life free from opinion of authorities and past influence.
  • Discover the meaning and purpose of life and a chance to have your questions answered.
  • Be grounded in higher values

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