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The work of the institution aims to promote spiritual well-being to all Malaysians. Support from the community has ensured the continuance of our education initiative.


Study Classes

Interested in Vedanta? Start a classes in your area. Help with identifying a venue. Assist in publicising to your community especially the youth.

Corporate Workshops and Retreats

Inform your boss or the head of your HR department about the benefits of Vedanta. Be ahead of the game and propose to organize a session in your company/organization.

Annual Lecture Tour

The two main events are Swamiji's corporate seminar and Sunandaji's Bhagavad Gita lectures. You can be a part of the Vedanta Centre KL team.
Volunteer to assist pre-event and during the event.
Participate in advertising and promoting the lectures.
Help with setting up the venues.
Promote the publications.

Provide Assistance


Auditoriums required for the annual lectures. Have any venues in mind? Drop us a mail.


Is this your area of expertise? Newspapers, radio, magazines or shouting from the roof tops - have any ideas or know any people who can help us advertise our classes, retreats and annual lecture tour?

Social Media

Join us on Facebook. Visit our website and share it with others.


Financial support from class members and well-wishers are the main source of funding for all our activities. If you would like to contribute, do let us know.

Offer Assistance

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