The Symbolism of Hindu Gods and Rituals

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The Upanishads, the very source of Hinduism in the Vedas declares that there is only one God. So why so many gods, goddesses, divisions, rituals, castes and creeds? Overcome misconception and superstition through understanding the deeper significance of the beautiful symbols and rituals of the Hindu faith.

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  • 20:00 The Symbolism of Hindu Gods and Rituals
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Open to all

This exploration of the mystical symbolism of Hinduism is in no way for Hindus only. All seekers of Truth are welcome and encouraged to attend this free session where we will be uncovering the hidden meaning in the ancient art of symbolism.

Have you ever wondered…

Why one of Ganesha’s tusks is broken? Why Lord Krishna plays the flute? Why Lord Rama brought his bow & arrow to his wedding? Why Shiva’s eyes are half closed? Why we join our hands in Namaste? Why we go to temple? Get the answers you seek.

Divinise The World

Our minds are automatically drawn to the world’s attractions. Realising this, ancient Indian sages devised an ingenious plan to free one’s mind from mundane enchantments, planting gods and goddesses anywhere our mind may land. For example, those pursuing wealth worship goddesses Laxmi. Other gods were planted for every other facet of the world. Learn more about what they symbolise.

Prayer and Worship

There is a ritual associated with every facet of Hindu life. From birth to walking and talking, school and marriage, all the way to death. These are to constantly remind the human mind of the purpose of life: to unfold one’s Self, realise one’s Godhood. Find out why people do what they do – you may be stunned at the deep meanings behind simple ceremonies.

Uncover hidden meaning in everyday rituals.

About the Speaker

Shiv Anand, Vedanta Centre Kuala Lumpur
Alumnus of 3 year residential course at the Vedanta Academy, India. LLB Graduate (UK).
I attribute my studies (of Vedanta) to improving the skills I need as a leader. My clarity of purpose is sharper than it has ever been in my life.

Larry Moon

Chairman & CEO Sandstone Group


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A symbol is an idol representing an Ideal. The wedding ring is not the wedding, it represents the union between husband and wife. Similarly, various symbols are used to represent philosophical truths. Discover their profound significance.

“Hindu Dharma is like a boundless ocean teeming with priceless gems. The deeper you dive the more treasures you find.”
Mahatma Gandhi
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