The Fall of the Human Intellect

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The loss of intellect has left humans with stress, depression and anxiety. And the world with vandalism, militancy and terrorism. Humanity now faces an urgent need to rehabilitate, reconstruct the fallen intellect.

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Formula for Happiness

The quest for happiness inspires all activity. Happiness is the cessation of mental agitation. Agitation is a result of unfulfilled desire. The number of desires you fulfil divided by the number of desires you entertain equals your present happiness. Learn to maximise this quotient.

Harmonize Your Relationships

Improve your interaction and communication. Master the art of assessment. Develop right expectations and avoid disappointment. Relate better with friends, family and the world at large.

The intellect is the faculty to think. Humanity has stopped thinking. The paucity of thought and reason has left the human intellect emaciated. 

About the speaker

Shiv Anand, Vedanta Centre Kuala Lumpur

Shiv Anand is an alumnus of 3 year residential course at the Vedanta Academy, India. Under the guidance of Swami Parthasarathy, he spent 8 years at the Vedanta Academy. He now conducts sessions on Vedanta and self management in Malaysia. 


Brickfields: Brickfields Asia College 2, 14 Jalan Vivekananda


Brickfields Asia College 2 14 Jalan Vivekananda

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Brickfields: Brickfields Asia College 2, 14 Jalan Vivekananda

The world today is all intelligence, no intellect. This book reveals the urgent need to reconstruct the fallen intellect and how you can achieve it.

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