The Fall of the Human Intellect

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How often do you blindly follow trends, a belief, your peers?  Why do you do it…well everybody else is doing it! Do you follow others without weighing the pros and cons for yourself?  This is called following the crowd.

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  • 20:00 The Fall of the Human Intellect
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Eternal knowledge

The Bhagavad Gita literally means 'Song of the Lord'. It contains 701 verses spread over eighteen chapters. This astounding scripture gives out a philosophy of life which can be translated into practical living in one's social, official and domestic lives. 


Learn to think for yourself.

The world has lost the wondrous faculty of the intellect to think originally, independantly. People follow groundless beliefs and faiths without question or reason. Such an irrational approach to life bereft of logic and reason will only cause a human to follow the herd. One mimics the actions of others without thinking and deciding for oneself. Learn the facts of life that will make you an independant thinker. 

About the speaker

Shiv Anand, Vedanta Centre Kuala Lumpur

Shiv Anand is an alumnus of 3 year residential course at the Vedanta Academy, India. Under the guidance of Swami Parthasarathy, he spent 8 years at the Vedanta Academy. He now conducts sessions on Vedanta and self management in Malaysia. 


Brickfields Asia College 2

Brickfields Asia College 2 14, Jalan Vivekananda, Brickfields, 50470 KL. Behind Vivekananda Ashram, same row as Legend Claypot Restaurant

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Brickfields Asia College 2

People cannot relate to partners, spouses, children, employers or employees. Improper relationships lead to frustration and stress. With a strong intellect one can set right and healthy relationships. 


Learn to manage yourself. You can then manage the world. 

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