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Malaysia is fortunate to be one of the many countries that Swami Parthasarathy and his daughter-disciple Sunandaji visit annually as part of their annual lecture tour.

In the course of six decades of selfless service to humanity, Swamiji’s outstanding contribution has been to infuse this eternal wisdom into modern life for peaceful and productive living. For over forty years Swamiji has been travelling continuously across the globe enthralling prestigious organisations, universities and corporations with his discourses on Vedanta. Swamiji's teachings have been acclaimed in: TIME magazine, in the article Swami, How They Love Ya BUSINESSWEEK Karma Capitalism THE NEW YORK POST, as the Go Getters Guru

As an international lecturer Sunandaji addresses diverse audiences around the world. Her discourses range from explanations of the ancient philosophical texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita, to modern day topics, such as Formula for Success, Inspirational Leadership, Life in Balance. Sunandaji’s reputation precedes her as a resource for both public and private organisations, including: World Presidents’ Organization, Young Presidents’ Organization, Ernst & Young, Harvard Business School.

For details on their upcoming lecture tour in Malaysia. Please see below. For Swami Parthasarathy and Sunandaji's international itinerary, please click here.

Past Topics Include

The Dilemma of Choice

William Shakespeare's immortal line "To be or not to be" encapsulates the perennial dilemma of choice that confronts every human being. Of all living creatures, a human alone is endowed with the choice of action. Thus humanity needs instructions on life and living. This presentation provides the guidelines to develop the clarity of thinking needed to make the right choices in life.

Message for Youth

Millions of doctors have graduated from medical schools, but one person discovered the cure for tuberculosis. One person found out how to transplant a kidney. Millions of engineers passed out of engineering schools but one person designed the Panama Canal. One person devised the Euro Tunnel. What separates the achievers from the rest? It is the intellect which is distinct and different from intelligence or knowledge gained from schools and universities. Vedanta, the ancient Indian philosophy, enables you to develop the intellect - the capacity to think, reason, judge and decide. Only then does your intelligence take the right direction in life making you successful and peaceful in this world.

The Law of Karma

The functioning of the universe is governed by the principle of cause and effect. It is the law of causation or 'karma' that governs the life and functioning of beings. Non-understanding of this law has caused a lot of confusion regarding the role of effort in human destiny. As a result, various superstitions and beliefs are practically destroying humanity. A clear understanding of this law provides the clarity of thinking required for sound, purposeful living.

The Virus of Attachment

The virus of attachment spares none. The rich and poor, young and old, educated and uneducated. Few are aware of this deadly trait and its pervasiveness in human life. Attachment is love vitiated by self-centredness and selfishness. It destroys everything – your work, your relationship, your children and your spiritual development. You need to develop a powerful intellect to realise and overcome the devastating nature of attachment.

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