What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is designed to provide for the overall development of a human being. It satisfies one's material needs and spiritual enquiry. Efficiency in action, purity of mind and clarity of thought and spiritual unfoldment is Vedanta.
Humans seek peace, prosperity and harmony. Achieved by developing the intellect to control impulses of the mind.

In life

  • Handle the challenges of the external world
  • Learn how to relate to the world; its not the world that troubles you but how you relate to it
  • Find happiness with clarity of thought and the right choices in life

At work

  • Deal with worry and anxiety, stress and strain
  • Success through concentration, consistency and co-operation
  • Handle peer pressure and environmental influence


  • Discover one's true identity
  • Beyond the Body, Mind and Intellect lies your essential Self

Living is an art, a skill to be learned and practised.

*Used with permission from Vedanta Centre

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