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To provide education on life skills and fundamental values and to cultivate a strong intellect thereby establishing dynamism in action, peace of mind and clarity in thinking.

About us

Vedanta Centre Kuala Lumpur is a registered non-profit organization BR-569822 - H. As one of the 8 international institutions, the primary objective is the propagation of Vedanta philosophy. Pioneered in the year 2000 in Malaysia by a group of dedicated devotees, the institution has continued its effort for the past 16 years to uplift the quality of life of the Malaysian community through the study of Vedanta

Vedanta Centre Kuala Lumpur consists of disciples of Swami Parthasarathy who are also graduates of the 3 year residential course at the Vedanta Academy. The main avenues of disseminating this knowledge are through study classes, public talks, corporate workshops and retreats. The centre is also available for the public to have access Swamiji's publications (books CD's and DVD's)

Our principal events are the annual lecture series by Swami Parthasarathy and daughter-disciple Sunandaji.

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